Freeze Your Email for 100 Years

Email Freezer is a freezer of email messages for 1-100 years.

I had been looking through a suitcase of my late grandmother and found sealed envelope in which there was a letter of ten years prescription.
She made all her noises regarding our family. What beautiful words there were! I’ll never forget them!

To receive remote regards from the past… There is something romantic, unexplored and mysterious! Do you want to afford these fantastic feelings to your folks?
Now it’s real to do it!

You shouldn’t worry that a paper can deteriorate, that ink can fade or that a letter can be just lost among other papers…
Now all is easy as pie! Send email to your folks, which they will exactly receive through scores of years!!! 😉
Make a declaration of love, share your feelings, tell the story which you passed over in silence. May be you disclose some family skeleton, which become the history for your descendant!
Perhaps you will not be alive, but your message will be delivered.

It will be like a voice from the world beyond!
Take care of it in advance 😉